What is Obesity? Statistics, Causes, and prevention

Obesity causes and cure

Obesity is a medical condition in which a person has a high amount of body fat. Doctors usually determine if a person is obese through Body Mass Index or generally known as BMI. Obese BMI can be found through the following BMI.

BMI chart for men and women
Obesity Chart for men and women
Obesity Chart

What is Obese

It is important to know if you are actually obese. Although BMI can be used to determine for a fact but even without it obese people can determine this fairly easily. If you are having trouble in functioning properly because of your weight than you are obese. However it is still a better option to check your BMI in any case.

It turns out that sometimes obese people can think of themselves as perfectly healthy. On the other hand, sometimes some underweight or perfectly healthy people think they are obese. This problem is especially common in women. So be careful and take your time before you come to a conclusion about your physical appearance.

Obese people should consider themselves suffering from a medical condition and work on getting in better shape again.
Obesity a medical condition

Is obesity a disease?

Obesity certainly not a wanted condition but calling it a disease, in my opinion, is a little overkill. Obesity is not necessarily a disease. It is interesting to know that obesity is caused by our body’s own survival mechanism. Our body is built to survive in a harsh environment. It is made to store excess food in the form of fat. This fat is to be used on days when the hunt was unsuccessful. With human domination of the world and easy access to food, this defense mechanism is not making us fat. We don’t need to store food these days. We can always grab another burger but our body doesn’t understand that yet. Maybe in a million years, it will evolve to this new form of living. For now, we have to work with this survival mechanism.

Obesity Statistics

Obesity has grown at an unprecedented rate in the history of human civilization. It has become such a big issue that some doctors and scientists are calling it an epidemic. Now let’s take a look at obesity statistics worldwide and try to put the obesity epidemic in perspective.

Obesity has become an international epidemic. It is growing incredibly fast.
World obesity epidemic map

Obesity in America

It is clear that obesity has become an epidemic. Child obesity like adult obesity is also becoming a problem in the world. Now let’s take a look at obesity in America.

Chart showing the growing rate of obesity in America.
Obesity in America

Obesity rates are climbing at an alarming rate all across the globe. In America Obesity has risen several folds in just a few years. Now let’s take a look at some of the causes of obesity.

Causes of Obesity

What causes obesity is generally not an easy to answer question. There are a lot of things that can cause obesity. Following are some of the causes of obesity.


Overeating is probably one of the most well-understood causes of obesity. It is fairly common in children and causes child obesity. It is important to eat responsibly and take care of our bodies. Overeating can also be associated to many other health issues.

Lack of physical exercise

Physical exercise is as important as sleep for a healthy body. It is interesting to know that cats and dogs stretch their legs every time they get up. This should be enough to make us realize how important exercise is.

Sleep disorders

Recent studies have shown that if you are not sleeping enough you can gain fat. Apart from several other problems, obesity is also associated with the sleep disorder. It is important to keep your sleep in check. A healthy individual needs 6 hours of sleep regularly. This value may be more or less depending on your age and ability. However, 6 hours of sleep is considered a standard minimum. Excessive sleep can cause nausea, headache, and sloth. Similarly, if you are not sleeping enough you can also suffer from headache and nausea.

Excessive use of Fast food

Fast foods are probably one of the biggest reason for teenage obesity. It is also one of the leading causes of adult and child obesity. Fast foods usually contain a lot of fat, spices, and sugar. They are not necessarily made to be healthy. They are made to keep the customers coming back. This is why they are so unhealthy. In my opinion, fast foods should be avoided as much as possible. One should only resort to fast foods in case of absolute necessity.

Excessive use of oils and sugar

Oils and sugars are just not good. They should be used carefully. Oils can cause heart diseases. Sugar is just a cheap way to get energy. It is burnt quickly by our stomach. This can give us a temporary boost in energy but in the long run, it is unhealthy. Sugar is also addictive. According to recent studies, sugar is even more addictive than heroin. So, we should avoid sugary foods and drinks as much as possible.

Diseases that can cause obesity

There are many diseases that can cause obesity to learn more about them in detail please click here.

Prevention of Obesity

One of the best ways to prevent obesity is to keep an eye on your daily calorie consumption. If you are consuming more calories than you use throughout your day and night than you got a problem. You should keep your daily calorie consumption in check. It is also important to know that some foods have healthy calories like meat, vegetables, and milk. On the other hand, some foods have unhealthy calories like fast foods and sugary beverages. We should try to add more healthy foods to our diet and reduce unhealthy foods. Standford healthcare has compiled a detailed report on the prevention of this medical condition.

Regular Exercise

Another way to prevent obesity is regular exercise. A person who performs exercise regularly is virtually prone to obesity. However, if you are eating unhealthy food in excess then even exercise might not be enough to save you from the dangers of obesity. Obesity is also a rabbit hole. It is important to keep it under control from the start. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a place where you are unable to exercise even if you want to.

Childhood Obesity

Parents can easily keep childhood obesity in control if they pay attention to their children’s eating and sleeping habits. Obesity rates are growing fast in children. Children should play outside. kids should be encouraged to go out and exert in physical sports. They should not spend too much time on video games. This is not only a cause of obesity in children but can also damage their eyesight.

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