Benefits of lemon – Healthy and useful

Benefits of lemon

Like other fruits and vegetables of nature lemon also have importance in life. Many restaurants serve it routinely and some people start their day with lemon water instead of tea.No doubt lemon is tasty but have water to make you look healthy. Let’s talk in detail about the benefits of lemon.

Health benefits of lemon

There are many benefits of lemon. Here are few of them as follows.

It promotes hydration as food and nutrition board gives a guideline that women should take at least 91 ounces per day and men should take at least 125 ounces per day. This includes lemon water and other fruits. If you search benefits online you will easily get benefits of lemon and lemon water.

It is a source of vitamin C and works as an antioxidant. Lemon juice helps to protect cells from damaging free radicals. Vitamin C from lemon water may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and lower blood pressure. Through research, it was clear that polyphenol antioxidant found in lemon and water reduces weight gain. Antioxidant in lemon water minimizes the negative effects of blood glucose level and improved insulin resistance which are the two main factor in the cause of type 2 diabetes. In simple words, it keeps your skin fresh and wrinkles free for at any age.

Vitamin C in lemon water

Vitamin C in lemon water reduces skin wrinkling, aging, and damages from the sun. How lemon and water improves skin is controversial but one thing is certain that it does make your skin fresh and young. Some people use lemon and lemon water daily to prevent constipation. Drinking lemon water hot or warm daily helps to improve your digestive system. In benefits online of lemon and water, you may find that it refreshes the bad breath which is caused by eating strong smell foods and meals. You might avoid bad breath and its effect by taking lemon water daily after the meals and first thing in the morning.

Furthermore, The citric acid in lemon water may help to protect from kidney stones. Drinking lemon and water not only citrate you but also helps in flushes out the stones in the kidney.

Lemon water

Benefits of Lemon water as a Natural anti-oxidation agent.
Lemon Water in morning, Health Potion

Lemon water has many health effective benefits. Among them, few are mention below

Lemon water protects the body from Immune system deficiencies. Drinking lemon water juices daily in the morning helps to maintain the pH balance of the body. Lemon juice as antibacterial function fight against the infection. It acts as a detoxifying agent. So, you would look young if you keep drinking it regularly. It will also protect your skin against dirt and other damage.

Lemon water with vitamin C also rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. It is effective in common cold. Lemon water juice plays a role in cleaning the liver and flushes out the toxin. Lemon water drinking with its anti-inflammatory functions helps in fighting respiratory tract infection, sore throat and inflammation of tonsils.

People who have painful joints can get rid of these joints pain by drinking lemon water in warm condition. Lemon juice with warm water helps in improving the digestion and bowel movement. Drinking lemon water helps in athletes performance. Lemon water contains other beneficial substances and is a source of a plant compound called flavonoids which gives benefits in blood circulation. It fights against cancer. Due to its unique function lemon water also increases your IQ and make you feel fresh especially in the morning. Furthermore, it contains pectin fiber which is beneficial in colon health. It prevents the growth and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria that cause infection and diseases.

What are lemons good for

Lemon and lemon water like its juices can be a benefactor to as many people you can say. Here are some further details of its uses.

Benefits of Lemon juice for cleaning
Lemon Juice
is great for cleaning too

After shampoo, rinse off your hair with lemon for shiny hair. In an upset stomach, lemon can be used for relief. You can clean discolored or disorder utensils with cloth dip of lemon juice and see the difference. Toss used lemons into your garbage disposal to help to keep it clean and smelling fresh. Rub kitchen and bathroom faucets with lemon peel. Wash and dry with cloth remove spots and make it shine. Fish and onion odor on your hands can be removed by rubbing them with fresh lemon. Copper and metal pots can be clean with lemon slices with salts dip and rub on the metals and wash with warm water and dry with a cloth. Hence lemon juice is great as a cleaning agent.

Lemon juice is an easily available thing for us. This is why it is easy to overlook it’s vitality. But we should always remember that just because it is easy to get doesn’t mean that it is not good. So, try using lemon juice once a day. The health benefits will shock you. As always take care of your health.

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